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Mongolian cultural and behavioral study 2022

In 2021, SICA expanded on the success of its generation study to focus on the understanding the national values of Mongolia. With the support of Hofstede Insights, they undertook Mongolia’s first large scale attempt at classifying its national cultural values according to Hofstede’s six dimensions. It also attempted to expand on the Mongolian generational paradigm by comparing the values of the prior determined Mongolian generational groups.

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Who are we? A series of research projects are being implemented between 2020 and 2030 in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of our nation. In 2020, "Mongolian Generation Study" and in 2021-2022, "Mongolian Cultural and Behavioral Study" were completed and presented to the public.
In order to develop better understanding of Mongolia and its culture, SICA LLC with the support of Hofstede Insights endeavored to score Mongolia according to Hofstede’s Six Dimensions of national cultures. Building on SICA’s prior study of Mongolian Generational Values conducted in 2020, The 2021 Cultural Generations study surveyed 1,500 Mongolians segmented according to sex, age, geography, and residential conditions.
Based on the calculations conducted by Hofstede Insights, Mongolia was assessed according to Hofstede’s five original dimensions and thanks to Dr. Michael Minkov, the sixth-dimension score was also determined. Due to the high quality of data collected, Dr. Minkov was also able to calculate Mongolia’s Five Personality Traits, to be released in academic publications and through a future SICA report.
Based on the results, Mongolians would be expected to be obedient to authority and expect strong, decisive government leaders. They are strongly family and “clan” oriented, feeling a keen sense of responsibility and commitment to group members, suppressing their needs for those of the group. This also makes them more socially caring with overlapping gender roles. They tend to be more comfortable with ambiguity and less interested in developing procedures or enforcement. Mongolians tend to be more image focused, traditional and want to be seen as fulfilling their social obligations. There is a tendency to be more conservative with the use of resources but will indulge when it is perceived there is an advantage to be gained. 

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